How recruiting works?

Summation Talent Group (STG)

Summation Talent Group - (STG) is a professional services firm specializing in staffing and recruiting that connects professional people with professional organizations. It is our mission to maintain a reputation of integrity, growth and quality while continuing to be the local leader in placing talented personnel. We are honored to be a strategic, proactive resource in your job search.

Unlike other recruiting companies, Summation Talent Group or (STG), utilizes a team-based approach to recruiting and staffing. Our collaborative effort results in better placements and better service.

Adding Talent and Opportunity together for the perfect Sum...

You can count on the Summation Talent Group to get you and your Talent Acquisition needs where they need to go!

Managed and Strategic Staffing

Human civilization has witnessed exponential growth in technology sector worldwide during last few decades. The biggest challenge is to apply & utilize this technological advancement to its fullest potential and with a great degree of efficiency. This “How” can be addressed by the Skilled & Process Centric workforce. We specializes in providing strategic staffing through trained and professional resources.

Our Staffing solutions facilitate you with a number of options to protect, validate, analyze and optimize your resources to succeed. We begin our joint venture in quest of deeply indulging with all your business targets and gaps between your current and upcoming conditions. We then architect a strategic staffing workforce to fulfill your need for candidates with high level of expertise and competencies.

Our expertise can range from staff augmentation to outsourced services, which completely depends on the level of responsibility you want us to assume. Our global delivery models ensure the quality outcome contributing towards your success. We assist our customers in achieving their business targets with further improved growth, more rapidly and more reasonably through our Staffing Solutions.


Client Satisfaction

Summation Talent Group has an exceptional structured layout to fulfill its client’s staffing & recruitment needs. This particular outline ensures Summation Talent Group to be down to business with experienced and proficient consultants corresponding to the technical & non-technical dexterity required in accordance with the job description. All these aspects actually help us to meet the needs of our customers to help them set up the highly competent employee chain in order to excel their organization for higher benefits and much better initiatives.